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Olsen Electric Co. About Us

Olsen Electric Co. is a full service residential and commercial Morristown electrician firm that has been serving the tri-city area with integrity, tact, and verve. Our fully licensed, bonded, and insured Morristown electricians are well trained and experienced professionals that can handle any job thrown their way, no matter how big or small, guaranteed. We offer a full, multi-year warranty on all the parts and labor we provide and will only leave your premises when you are 100% satisfied with the work we have performed. Olsen Electric Co. also provide a 24/7 emergency dispatch unit for urgent matters that need to be rectified immediately. We will begin by providing a thorough consultation to properly assess your unique need and concerns and answer any question you may have in a courteous and respectful manner. We will then outline our entire plan for you-including providing detailed reports for safekeeping- and make sure it is in accordance with your exact specifications.

We also ensure to keep our services within your budget. Any spillover costs that may incur will be covered completely by Olsen Electric Co.. In addition, our clientele have run the gamut over the years; from churches, lofts, condos, and apartments, to industrial plants, chemical treatment facilities, military bases, and corporate buildings. Moreover, as a full service Morristown electrician company we are training to handle installations, repairs, preventive maintenance, consultations, troubleshooting, health and safety code violations, municipal by-laws and mandates, real estate protocol, financing, project management, custom orders, contracting, subcontracting and more. By value engineering all of our services you will receive the highest quality materials and workmanship, all while keeping costs as low as possible to increase your return on investment-both immediately and decades from now thanks to our exclusive use of maintenance free materials.

Some of the Morristown electrician services we provide include service upgrades, lighting, smoke and carbon monoxide detector installations, solar energy solutions, troubleshooting electrical problems, whole house surge protection, generators, home electrical safety inspections, attic and exhaust fans, whole house rewiring, swimming pool and hot water wiring, ground fault safety outlets, and plenty more. Please contact Olsen Electric Co. today to discover the Olsen Electric Co. difference for yourself.

Securing a knowledgeable electrician is vital to keeping a structure’s electrical system in proper working condition. To this end, Olsen Electric Co. provides top-quality electrical services to both homes and businesses. This high level of service is essential to completing projects safely and efficiently, which is why our customers know they can rely on us to address their most urgent electrical needs.

Our skilled technicians can tackle electrical issues both large and small thanks to their wide-ranging experience in the field. This experience guarantees that all electricians employed by Olsen Electric Co. will possess a professional demeanor when on the job, while also offering clients superior workmanship from the start to finish of a project. As a result, customers can rest assured that each and every project will be completed to the best of our ability.

Quality Electrical Services

Offering a diversity of services is important to ensure complete customer satisfaction when on the job. Fortunately, Olsen Electric Co. can offer a range of important electrical services. These include:

  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Installation of Lighting Fixtures and/or Switches
  • Wiring Upgrades and Repair
  • Remediation and Installation of Circuit Breakers
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades
  • Repair and Installation of Air Conditioning and Other Systems
  • Assessment and Correction of Code Violations
  • Installation of Cable/Phone Lines
  • Exterior Lighting Installation
  • Installation of Emergency Generators
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Home automation
  • Surge protection
  • Electrical heating
  • In floor heating
  • Electrical Retrofitting
  • Electrical home inspection
  • Emergency electrical
  • Water heater installation and replacement
  • Rewiring service
  • Commercial lighting

We address the needs of both commercial and residential properties. This allows us to serve an expansive client-base, including larger companies requiring complex electrical overhauls, as well as smaller jobs related to home electrical repair and renovation.

What Makes a Good Electrical Contractor?

This is an important question which everyone looking for an electrical contractor should consider. We all want to make sure that we get the most for our money and if you are paying someone to do a service that involves the safety of your home or business, then you want to make sure that the people you hire are reliable and trustworthy.

Free estimates- we provide free estimates before we start any job so that our clients know what they are paying for and why.

Safety equipment and an extensively trained staff – we check all our safety equipment rigorously to make sure that our employees and the surrounding area is completely prepared before we start to work.

Certified and licensed – our company and employees are certified, licensed and bonded so that our clients and employees are protected in the event of an accident.

Honesty and integrity - if something comes up that was not in the estimate, though unlikely, it is the responsibility of any electrical contractor that values a job well done to inform the client right away of what is happening and why. Olsen Electric Co. makes it a priority to keep our clients completely informed when it comes to their electrical project.